I don't know Godot well

I've been programming computers since the 70's (got my TRS-80 in 1979), so I know programming, but I don't know Godot-specific things.

I could have done the above checking (I have 15 different fart sounds!) with a string of nested IF's, but I knew there had to be some way to do a SWITCH in Godot. Or as it is, a MATCH.

So many things require me to look up "I know what I want to do, I know how to generally do it". I'm sure instead of separate variables for each fart, I could have loaded them into some sort of array construct, but that would take too much effort and this gets the job done. (Remember, I'm on a deadline!)

This code also points out how playing around with stuff can give game design ideas:

Originally, each fart was going to have a fixed amount of "thrust". However, in setting up the graphics to make the fart cloud end after the fart noise finished playing, I realized that I could make the "thrust" of the fart dependent on how long the fart went on. Thus when the player farts, they don't know exactly how much an individual fart will thrust them. I think this will lead to interesting yet imprecise controls - hopefully in a way that is still playable.

I am hoping that with proper tuning parameters, a player still will be able to control the Cupid, but they may sometimes have to press the button really fast if a fart doesn't deliver the thrust they expected.