The Ludology Podcast Game Design Checklist

I just found out about this from The Game Crafter.

Link to PDF
The Ludology Podcast Game Design Checklist

Although it is written with board games in mind, it does have a lot of useful questions.

The core experience: Flying around as Cupid and matching bunnies.

Someone would want to play this game if they have some time to kill and an open web browser.

The fun is getting better at the gameplay and getting a higher score.

My target audience is the kind of people amused by Flappy Bird and fart humor.

The farting to fly makes this game different.

The game mechanics ARE the experience.

Players get better at flying with the variability of using farts for thrust. It's a short game, just like Flappy Bird.

The game is all about deciding "is it worth the risk to go low enough to shoot a bunny without running into the ground?"

The narrative arc is short - Zues orders you to match bunnies - which is plenty for the experience.