Work in progress adds more Todo!

While actually programming the stuff, one spots all kinds of errors, omissions, and new things to do.

In the middle of writing this post, I tried to screencap what the transition effect looks like by using ScreenToGif and got a full Windows BSOD crash. Lost this post even. Ugh.

So trying to remember all the things:

I tried changing the code for how the player farts so that instead of holding the fart key down, the player has to press it for every fart. That seems to make it much more difficult to fly, since farts have unpredictable strength (their strength is based on how long the audio is and some are way short or way long compared to the others). So this might require more parameter tuning or removing the extreme outliers to make it more controllable. I think requiring the player to keep hitting the fart button makes more sense though than letting the player hold it down.

Right now I have a title screen and it transitions to a game screen where I have one pre-placed cloud. If the player touches anything, he dies, and can then choose to restart the game. For transitions, I used the Transitions Godot Asset - which I don't fully understand and yet also had to mess around to get the transitions to work. I like the pixelate effect, but it wasn't as plug-and-play as I had hoped. I think there were some errors in the code and I had to move some stuff around.

I noticed in the debug window that I'm getting an orphaned node every time the player restarts the game. I don't know what that's about.

I'm going to have to look at this and try to understand it at some point:
Godot Life Hack: Freeing Orphaned Nodes

I want to record the voice of Zeus and figure out some way to make my voice come out booming and god-like. Hmm.

It's time to add a spawner off the screen a ways to the right so that this can start looking like a game. Then I need to add the arrow shooting.

I've only gotten partly through the tutorial series by Pickled Cockroach, and have mostly gotten along so far by looking at code I did in the past for Godot projects and then lots of google-google-google for how to do specific things. I know what I want the code to do, I don't necessarily know how to write the specifics in Godot.

I'd like to have a real-ish playable demo up online before the end of January, so back to work!