Avoiding what I don't know about Godot

I'm still not very familiar with Godot, so I sometimes run into things that I know must be possible but I don't know how to do them.

Fortunately, making a game only requires some very simple programming. And complex ideas can often be reduced to something simple and doable.

In this case, what I had been doing was the Cupid node would instance an Arrow node which would thus be attached to the Cupid and move up and down with Cupid as he flies.

This worked in the demos so far, but I don't know how to detach the node from Cupid when it is fired so that it no longer takes its Y location from Cupid.

I know that I've instanced bullets before and had them attached to the world scene instead of the scene that spawned them - so I can find easy reference for that.

What I realized is that I can make Cupid hold an arrow by having an arrow sprite under him that he turns on and off (that's how the fart graphic works).

So I'm going to do the arrow as just a sprite like that (which will move with the Cupid). 

Then when Cupid fires an arrow, I'll instance an actual Arrow node that flies across the screen and isn't attached to Cupid. (I can find an example where I've done that before to work from.)

This also eliminates the need for the Cupid node to tell the Arrow node that it is flying now.


A video showing me getting the sprite arrow to align with where Arrow node will instance.