Godot debugging using a test scene

One of the nifty things about Godot is you can test how a scene works by just dropping it in a test scene.

I was trying to figure out how to make it that when a bunny is hit by an arrow, it shows a heart graphic and it stops colliding with arrows (since it is already lovestruck).

I was having trouble getting the collision shape to stop detecting collisions -- and it's a really difficult game to play to try to keep hitting bunnies and seeing if arrows go through them a second time.

So I set up a test scene where the bunnies just sat there and I could shoot them at my leisure.


And as mentioned in the video, I wound up refactoring the bunnies so that there's now a MasterBunny scene that you send a parameter to to tell it which color bunny to display so that all the bunnies run from the same script.

Keep figuring out more Godot!