Why be inspired by Flappy Bird?

A picture of $50,000 a day says about 50,000 words.

No, Flappy Bird developer didn't give up on $50,000 a day
Although the hit game is no longer available, more than 50 million people who downloaded it are still generating millions, or billions, of ad impressions, and Dong Nguyen is still getting paid.

Daniel Terdiman
Feb. 11, 2014 11:00 a.m. PT

Flappy Bird Revenue – How much did Flappy Bird make?
UPDATED: MAY 4, 2022

How Much Money Did Flappy Bird Make

This PewDiePie video has 37,558,984 views

Even this PewDiePie video about Flappy Bird knockoffs has 21 million views

While the knockoffs he showed had different themes, none of them really advanced the gameplay. So there's room to grow.

Though there are always people going on about how miserable success is, I wouldn't mind having some success and seeing if it ruins my life.